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Mate 9 smartphones with software MHA-AL00AC00B125 have a privilege escalation vulnerability in Push module. An attacker tricks a user to save a rich media into message on the smart phone, which could be exploited to cause the attacker to delete message or fake user to send message.

The 'Find Phone' function in Nice smartphones with software versions earlier before Nice-AL00C00B0135 has an authentication bypass vulnerability. An unauthenticated attacker may wipe and factory reset the phone by special steps. Due to missing authentication of the 'Find Phone' function, an attacker may exploit the vulnerability to bypass the 'Find Phone' function in order to use the phone normall ...

HiGame with software earlier than 7.3.0 versions, SkyTone with software earlier than 8.1.1 versions have a DoS Vulnerability. An attacker tricks a user into installing a malicious application on the smart phone, the attacker can send malformed packets to the device. Due to the lack of adequate input validation of APPs, which causes the APPs Denial of Service.

BTV-W09C229B002CUSTC229D005,BTV-W09C233B029, earlier than BTV-W09C100B006CUSTC100D002 versions, earlier than BTV-W09C128B003CUSTC128D002 versions, earlier than BTV-W09C199B002CUSTC199D002 versions, earlier than BTV-W09C209B005CUSTC209D001 versions, earlier than BTV-W09C331B002CUSTC331D001 versions, earlier than CRR-L09C432B390 versions, earlier than CRR-L09C605B355CUSTC605D003 versions have a Fact ...

P9 Plus smartphones with software earlier than VIE-AL10C00B352 versions have an input validation vulnerability in the touchscreen Driver. An attacker can tricks a user into installing a malicious application on the smart phone, and send given parameter to smart phone to crash the system.

S3300 V100R006C05 have an Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) flapping vulnerability due to the lack of type-length-value (TLV) consistency check. An attacker may craft malformed packets and send them to a device to cause EFM flapping.

The GaussDB in FusionSphere OpenStack V100R005C10SPC705 and earlier versions has a buffer overflow vulnerability. An authenticated attacker on the LAN can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (DoS) condition in the affected system.

The Files APP and earlier versions in some Huawei mobile phones has a brute-force password cracking vulnerability due to the improper design of the Safe key database. An unauthorized attacker could access sensitive database information and may crack users' Safe passwords, leading to information leak.

The camerafs driver in Mate 9 Versions earlier than MHA-AL00BC00B173 has buffer overflow vulnerability. An attacker tricks a user into installing a malicious application which has the system privilege of the Android system and sends a specific parameter to the driver of the smart phone, causing a system crash or privilege escalation.

honor 8 Pro with software Duke-L09C10B120 and earlier versions,Duke-L09C432B120 and earlier versions,Duke-L09C636B120 and earlier versions has an integer overflow vulnerability. The attacker sends a response message to the device, which contains an illegal length field, it could produce an integer overflow and restart the modem system.

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