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Patrol management software allows a remote attacker to conduct a replay attack to steal the administrator password.

Remote attackers can perform a denial of service in Windows machines using malicious ARP packets, forcing a message box display for each packet or filling up log files.

In Cisco routers under some versions of IOS 12.0 running NAT, some packets may not be filtered by input access list filters.

Local users can perform a denial of service in NetBSD 1.3.3 and earlier versions by creating an unusual symbolic link with the ln command, triggering a bug in VFS.

Local users can gain privileges using the debug utility in the MPE/iX operating system.

IIS 4.0 and Apache log HTTP request methods, regardless of how long they are, allowing a remote attacker to hide the URL they really request.

The ExAir sample site in IIS 4 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU consumption) via a direct request to the (1) advsearch.asp, (2) query.asp, or (3) search.asp scripts.

In IIS, an attacker could determine a real path using a request for a non-existent URL that would be interpreted by Perl (perl.exe).

Denial of service in Linux 2.0.36 allows local users to prevent any server from listening on any non-privileged port.

A service or application has a backdoor password that was placed there by the developer.

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