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Dolibarr ERP/CRM 4.0.4 allows password changes without supplying the current password, which makes it easier for physically proximate attackers to obtain access via an unattended workstation.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in OpenText Tempo Box 10.0.3 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML persistently via the name of an uploaded image.

AeroAdmin 4.1 uses a function to copy data between two pointers where the size of the data copied is taken directly from a network packet. This can cause a buffer overflow and denial of service.

AeroAdmin 4.1 uses an insecure protocol (HTTP) to perform software updates. An attacker can hijack an update via man-in-the-middle in order to execute code in the machine.

In Veritas Backup Exec 2014 before build 14.1.1187.1126, 15 before build 14.2.1180.3160, and 16 before FP1, there is a use-after-free vulnerability in multiple agents that can lead to a denial of service or remote code execution. An authenticated attacker can use this vulnerability to crash the agent or potentially take control of the agent process and then the system it is running on.

Invision Power Services (IPS) Community Suite and earlier has pre-auth reflected XSS in the IPS UTF8 Converter v1.1.18: admin/convertutf8/index.php?controller= is the attack vector. This UTF8 Converter vulnerability can easily be used to make a malicious announcement affecting any Invision Power Board user who views the announcement.

Invision Power Services (IPS) Community Suite and earlier has stored XSS in the Announcements, allowing privilege escalation from an Invision Power Board moderator to an admin. An attack uses the announce_content parameter in an index.php?/modcp/announcements/&action=create request. This is related to the "<> Source" option.

Invision Power Services (IPS) Community Suite and earlier has a composite of Stored XSS and Information Disclosure issues in the attachments feature found in User CP. This can be triggered by any Invision Power Board user and can be used to gain access to moderator/admin accounts. The primary cause is the ability to upload an SVG document with a crafted attribute such an onload; however, ...

An integer underflow vulnerability exists in pixel-a.asm, the x86 assembly code for planeClipAndMax() in MulticoreWare x265 through 2.4, as used by the x265_encoder_encode dependency in libbpg and other products. A small picture can cause an integer underflow, which leads to a Denial of Service in the process of encoding.

Atlassian Bamboo 5.x before 5.15.7 and 6.x before 6.0.1 did not correctly check if a user creating a deployment project had the edit permission and therefore the rights to do so. An attacker who can login to Bamboo as a user without the edit permission for deployment projects is able to use this vulnerability, provided there is an existing plan with a green build, to create a deployment project a ...

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