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A system is operating in "promiscuous" mode which allows it to perform packet sniffing.

** REJECT ** DO NOT USE THIS CANDIDATE NUMBER. ConsultIDs: None. Reason: this candidate is solely about a configuration that does not directly introduce security vulnerabilities, so it is more appropriate to cover under the Common Configuration Enumeration (CCE). Notes: the former description is: "An SMTP service supports EXPN, VRFY, HELP, ESMTP, and/or EHLO."

A DNS server allows inverse queries.

A Windows NT user has inappropriate rights or privileges, e.g. Act as System, Add Workstation, Backup, Change System Time, Create Pagefile, Create Permanent Object, Create Token Name, Debug, Generate Security Audit, Increase Priority, Increase Quota, Load Driver, Lock Memory, Profile Single Process, Remote Shutdown, Replace Process Token, Restore, System Environment, Take Ownership, or Unsolicited ...

A Windows NT account policy for passwords has inappropriate, security-critical settings, e.g. for password length, password age, or uniqueness.

A configuration in a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator allows execution of active content such as ActiveX, Java, Javascript, etc.

A trust relationship exists between two Unix hosts.

A password for accessing a WWW URL is guessable.

The Windows NT guest account is enabled.

An SSH server allows authentication through the .rhosts file.

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