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The registry in Windows NT can be accessed remotely by users who are not administrators.

An attacker can force a printer to print arbitrary documents (e.g. if the printer doesn't require a password) or to become disabled.

A Sendmail alias allows input to be piped to a program.

An attacker can write to syslog files from any location, causing a denial of service by filling up the logs, and hiding activities.

rpc.admind in Solaris is not running in a secure mode.

A URL for a WWW directory allows auto-indexing, which provides a list of all files in that directory if it does not contain an index.html file.

Windows NT is not using a password filter utility, e.g. PASSFILT.DLL.

A router's configuration service or management interface (such as a web server or telnet) is configured to allow connections from arbitrary hosts.

.reg files are associated with the Windows NT registry editor (regedit), making the registry susceptible to Trojan Horse attacks.

A Windows NT system's user audit policy does not log an event success or failure, e.g. for Logon and Logoff, File and Object Access, Use of User Rights, User and Group Management, Security Policy Changes, Restart, Shutdown, and System, and Process Tracking.

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