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Unrestricted file upload vulnerability in AspDotNetStorefront 3.3 allows remote authenticated administrators to upload arbitrary files with executable extensions via admin/images.aspx.

Gyach Enhanced (Gyach-E) before 1.0.0 stores passwords in plaintext, which allows attackers to obtain user passwords by reading the configuration file.

PeerSec MatrixSSL before 1.1 does not implement RSA blinding, which allows context-dependent attackers to obtain the server's private key by determining factors using timing differences on (1) the number of extra reductions during Montgomery reduction, and (2) the use of different integer multiplication algorithms ("Karatsuba" and normal), a related issue to CVE-2003-0147.

Unspecified vulnerability in the %XML.Utils.SchemaServer class in InterSystems Cache' 5.0 allows attackers to access arbitrary files on a server.

Unspecified vulnerability in the %template package in InterSystems Cache' 5.0 allows attackers to access certain files on a server, including (1) cache.key and (2) cache.dat, related to .csp files under (a) Dev\studio\templates and (b) Devuser\studio\templates.

distcc 2.x, as used in XCode 1.5 and others, when not configured to restrict access to the server port, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via compilation jobs, which are executed by the server without authorization checks.

Unspecified vulnerability in ArGoSoft FTP server before allows attackers to upload .lnk files via unknown vectors.

Soft3304 04WebServer before 1.41 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (resource consumption or crash) via certain data related to OpenSSL, which causes a thread to terminate but continue to hold resources.

John Lim ADOdb Library for PHP before 4.23 allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via direct requests to certain scripts that result in an undefined value of ADODB_DIR, which reveals the installation path in an error message.

Mantis before 20041016 provides a complete Issue History (Bug History) in the web interface regardless of view_history_threshold, which allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information (private bug details) by visiting a bug's web page.

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