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Exponent CMS 2.4.1 and earlier has SQL injection via a base64 serialized API key (apikey parameter) in the api function of framework/modules/eaas/controllers/eaasController.php.

Heartland Payment Systems Payment Gateway PHP SDK hps/heartland-php v2.8.17 is vulnerable to a reflected XSS in examples/consumer-authentication/cruise.php via the URI, as demonstrated by the cavv parameter.

Xen PV guest before Xen 4.3 checked access permissions to MMIO ranges only after accessing them, allowing host PCI device space memory reads, leading to information disclosure. This is an error in the get_user function. NOTE: the upstream Xen Project considers versions before 4.5.x to be EOL.

Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in Gespage before 7.4.9 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the (1) show_prn parameter to webapp/users/prnow.jsp or show_month parameter to (2) webapp/users/blhistory.jsp or (3) webapp/users/prhistory.jsp.

Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in Gespage before 7.4.9 allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the (1) printer name when adding a printer in the admin panel or (2) username parameter to webapp/users/user_reg.jsp.

Atlassian Eucalyptus before 4.4.1, when in EDGE mode, allows remote authenticated users with certain privileges to cause a denial of service (E2 service outage) via unspecified vectors.

In EMC RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 SP1 and earlier, a malicious RSA Security Console Administrator could craft a token profile and store the profile name in the RSA Authentication Manager database. The profile name could include a crafted script (with an XSS payload) that could be executed when viewing or editing the assigned token profile in the token by another administrator's browser session ...

An issue was discovered in EMC ScaleIO 2.0.1.x. In a Linux environment, one of the support scripts saves the credentials of the ScaleIO MDM user who executed the script in clear text in temporary log files. The temporary files may potentially be read by an unprivileged user with access to the server where the script was executed to recover exposed credentials.

EMC Data Protection Advisor prior to 6.4 contains multiple blind SQL injection vulnerabilities. A remote authenticated attacker may potentially exploit these vulnerabilities to gain information about the application by causing execution of arbitrary SQL commands.

EMC Data Protection Advisor prior to 6.4 contains a path traversal vulnerability. A remote authenticated high privileged user may potentially exploit this vulnerability to access unauthorized information from the underlying OS server by supplying specially crafted strings in input parameters of the application.

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