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Buffer overflow in FreeBSD seyon via HOME environmental variable, -emulator argument, -modems argument, or the GUI.

UnixWare programs that dump core allow a local user to modify files via a symlink attack on the ./core.pid file.

Buffer overflow in CommuniGatePro via a long string to the HTTP configuration port.

Buffer overflow in UnixWare xauto program allows local users to gain root privilege.

ucbmail allows remote attackers to execute commands via shell metacharacters that are passed to it from INN.

Internet Explorer 3.x to 4.01 allows a remote attacker to insert malicious content into a frame of another web site, aka frame spoofing.

Internet Explorer 4.01 allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files by pasting a file name into the file upload control, aka untrusted scripted paste.

Internet Explorer 4.0 and 4.01 allow a remote attacker to read files via IE's cross frame security, aka the "Cross Frame Navigate" vulnerability.

Buffer overflow in Vixie cron allows local users to gain root access via a long MAILTO environment variable in a crontab file.

Buffer overflow in Skyfull mail server via MAIL FROM command.

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