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FreeBSD seyon allows users to gain privileges via a modified PATH variable for finding the xterm and seyon-emu commands.

FreeBSD seyon allows local users to gain privileges by providing a malicious program in the -emulator argument.

Buffer overflow in Qpopper (qpop) 3.0 allows remote root access via AUTH command.

Buffer overflow in FreeBSD xmindpath allows local users to gain privileges via -f argument.

A Windows NT user can use SUBST to map a drive letter to a folder, which is not unmapped after the user logs off, potentially allowing that user to modify the location of folders accessed by later users.

The default permissions for UnixWare /var/mail allow local users to read and modify other users' mail.

Buffer overflow in FreeBSD angband allows local users to gain privileges.

By default, Internet Explorer 5.0 and other versions enables the "Navigate sub-frames across different domains" option, which allows frame spoofing.

UnixWare pkg commands such as pkginfo, pkgcat, and pkgparam allow local users to read arbitrary files via the dacread permission.

HP Secure Web Console uses weak encryption.

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