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Buffer overflow in BFTelnet allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a long username.

Denial of service in Axent Raptor firewall via malformed zero-length IP options.

Buffer overflow in sccw allows local users to gain root access via the HOME environmental variable.

sccw allows local users to read arbitrary files.

Denial of service in Solaris TCP streams driver via a malicious connection that causes the server to panic as a result of recursive calls to mutex_enter.

Microsoft Site Server and Commercial Internet System (MCIS) do not set an expiration for a cookie, which could then be cached by a proxy and inadvertently used by a different user.

Buffer overflow in ProFTPD, wu-ftpd, and beroftpd allows remote attackers to gain root access via a series of MKD and CWD commands that create nested directories.

FreeBSD VFS cache (vfs_cache) allows local users to cause a denial of service by opening a large number of files.

dfire.cgi script in Dragon-Fire IDS allows remote users to execute commands via shell metacharacters.

Buffer overflow in the FTP client in the Debian GNU/Linux netstd package.

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