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Linaro's open source TEE solution called OP-TEE, version 2.4.0 (and older) is vulnerable a timing attack in the Montgomery parts of libMPA in OP-TEE resulting in a compromised private RSA key.

ImpulseAdventure JPEGsnoop version 1.7.5 is vulnerable to a division by zero in the JFIF decode handling resulting denial of service.

MatrixSSL version 3.7.2 has an incorrect UTCTime date range validation in its X.509 certificate validation process resulting in some certificates have their expiration (beginning) year extended (delayed) by 100 years.

The WildMidi_Open function in WildMIDI since commit d8a466829c67cacbb1700beded25c448d99514e5 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (heap-based buffer overflow and application crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted file.

phpBB version 3.2.0 is vulnerable to SSRF in the Remote Avatar function resulting allowing an attacker to perform port scanning, requesting internal content and potentially attacking such internal services via the web application.

Syncthing version 0.14.33 and older is vulnerable to symlink traversal resulting in arbitrary file overwrite

b2evolution version 6.6.0 - 6.8.10 is vulnerable to input validation (backslash and single quote escape) in basic install functionality resulting in unauthenticated attacker gaining PHP code execution on the victim's setup.

MapProxy version 1.10.3 and older is vulnerable to a Cross Site Scripting attack in the demo service resulting in possible information disclosure.

marked version 0.3.6 and earlier is vulnerable to an XSS attack in the data: URI parser.

flatCore-CMS 1.4.6 is vulnerable to reflected XSS in user_management.php due to the use of $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] to build links and a stored XSS in the admin log panel by specifying a malformed User-Agent string.

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