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Some classic Cisco IOS devices have a vulnerability in the PPP CHAP authentication to establish unauthorized PPP connections.

In Cisco IOS 10.3, with the tacacs-ds or tacacs keyword, an extended IP access control list could bypass filtering.

The "established" keyword in some Cisco IOS software allowed an attacker to bypass filtering.

In older versions of Sendmail, an attacker could use a pipe character to execute root commands.

A race condition in the Solaris ps command allows an attacker to overwrite critical files.

NFS cache poisoning.

NFS allows users to use a "cd .." command to access other directories besides the exported file system.

In SunOS, NFS file handles could be guessed, giving unauthorized access to the exported file system.

The portmapper may act as a proxy and redirect service requests from an attacker, making the request appear to come from the local host, possibly bypassing authentication that would otherwise have taken place. For example, NFS file systems could be mounted through the portmapper despite export restrictions.

NFS allows attackers to read and write any file on the system by specifying a false UID.

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