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ScriptAlias directory in NCSA and Apache httpd allowed attackers to read CGI programs.

Remote execution of arbitrary commands through Guestbook CGI program.

php.cgi allows attackers to read any file on the system.

Netscape FastTrack Web server lists files when a lowercase "get" command is used instead of an uppercase GET.

Some filters or firewalls allow fragmented SYN packets with IP reserved bits in violation of their implemented policy.

Guessable magic cookies in X Windows allows remote attackers to execute commands, e.g. through xterm.

Remote attackers can access mail files via POP3 in some Linux systems that are using shadow passwords.

Linux cfingerd could be exploited to gain root access.

Livingston RADIUS code has a buffer overflow which can allow remote execution of commands as root.

Some configurations of NIS+ in Linux allowed attackers to log in as the user "+".

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