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HP Remote Watch allows a remote user to gain root access.

Buffer overflow in nnrpd program in INN up to version 1.6 allows remote users to execute arbitrary commands.

A race condition in the authentication agent mechanism of sshd 1.2.17 allows an attacker to steal another user's credentials.

Windows NT RSHSVC program allows remote users to execute arbitrary commands.

Denial of service in Qmail through long SMTP commands.

Denial of service in talk program allows remote attackers to disrupt a user's display.

Buffer overflow in listserv allows arbitrary command execution.

IIS 3.0 with the iis-fix hotfix installed allows remote intruders to read source code for ASP programs by using a %2e instead of a . (dot) in the URL.

A hidden SNMP community string in HP OpenView allows remote attackers to modify MIB tables and obtain sensitive information.

Buffer overflow in ircd allows arbitrary command execution.

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