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IIS newdsn.exe CGI script allows remote users to overwrite files.

Buffer overflow in telnet daemon tgetent routing allows remote attackers to gain root access via the TERMCAP environmental variable.

Denial of service in Ascend and 3com routers, which can be rebooted by sending a zero length TCP option.

Denial of service in in.comsat allows attackers to generate messages.

Denial of service in RPC portmapper allows attackers to register or unregister RPC services or spoof RPC services using a spoofed source IP address such as

websendmail in Webgais 1.0 allows a remote user to access arbitrary files and execute arbitrary code via the receiver parameter ($VAR_receiver variable).

finger 0@host on some systems may print information on some user accounts.

finger .@host on some systems may print information on some user accounts.

Windows NT FTP server (WFTP) with the guest account enabled without a password allows an attacker to log into the FTP server using any username and password.

A quote cwd command on FTP servers can reveal the full path of the home directory of the "ftp" user.

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