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in.rshd allows users to login with a NULL username and execute commands.

The wall daemon can be used for denial of service, social engineering attacks, or to execute remote commands.

In older versions of Sendmail, an attacker could use a pipe character to execute root commands.

Remote attackers can mount an NFS file system in Ultrix or OSF, even if it is denied on the access list.

The ghostscript command with the -dSAFER option allows remote attackers to execute commands.

wu-ftpd FTP daemon allows any user and password combination.

Cisco PIX firewall manager (PFM) on Windows NT allows attackers to connect to port 8080 on the PFM server and retrieve any file whose name and location is known.

In Cisco IOS 10.3, with the tacacs-ds or tacacs keyword, an extended IP access control list could bypass filtering.

Sendmail WIZ command enabled, allowing root access.

The campas CGI program provided with some NCSA web servers allows an attacker to execute arbitrary commands via encoded carriage return characters in the query string, as demonstrated by reading the password file.

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