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The aglimpse CGI program of the Glimpse package allows remote execution of arbitrary commands.

The SATAN session key may be disclosed if the user points the web browser to other sites, possibly allowing root access.

The DG/UX finger daemon allows remote command execution through shell metacharacters.

The dip program on many Linux systems allows local users to gain root access via a buffer overflow.

Buffer overflow in Solaris x86 mkcookie allows local users to obtain root access.

SGI IRIX buffer overflow in xterm and Xaw allows root access.

swinstall and swmodify commands in SD-UX package in HP-UX systems allow local users to create or overwrite arbitrary files to gain root access.

Windows NT 4.0 beta allows users to read and delete shares.

Buffer overflow in dtaction command gives root access.

Race condition in Linux mailx command allows local users to read user files.

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