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** REJECT ** DO NOT USE THIS CANDIDATE NUMBER. ConsultIDs: none. Reason: The CNA or individual who requested this candidate did not associate it with any vulnerability during 2017. Notes: none.

An issue was discovered in Open-iSCSI through 2.0.875. A local attacker can cause the iscsiuio server to abort or potentially execute code by sending messages with incorrect lengths, which (due to lack of checking) can lead to buffer overflows, and result in aborts (with overflow checking enabled) or code execution. The process_iscsid_broadcast function in iscsiuio/src/unix/iscsid_ipc.c does not v ...

Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 6.1, 7.1, and 8.0.x before 8.0.7, when an interface implements SSL decryption with RSA enabled or hosts a GlobalProtect portal or gateway, might allow remote attackers to decrypt TLS ciphertext data by leveraging a Bleichenbacher RSA padding oracle, aka a ROBOT attack.

Heap-based buffer overflow in the ensure_solid_xref function in pdf/pdf-xref.c in Artifex MuPDF 1.12.0 allows a remote attacker to potentially execute arbitrary code via a crafted PDF file, because xref subsection object numbers are unrestricted.

Samsung Internet Browser allows remote attackers to bypass the Same Origin Policy, and conduct UXSS attacks to obtain sensitive information, via vectors involving an IFRAME element inside XSLT data in one part of an MHTML file. Specifically, JavaScript code in another part of this MHTML file does not have a document.domain value corresponding to the domain that is hosting the MHTML file, ...

pdf/pdf-write.c in Artifex MuPDF before 1.12.0 mishandles certain length changes when a repair operation occurs during a clean operation, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (buffer overflow and application crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted PDF document.

Inteno iopsys 2.0-3.14 and 4.0 devices allow remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary OS commands by modifying the leasetrigger field in the odhcpd configuration to specify an arbitrary program, as demonstrated by a program located on an SMB share. This issue existed because the /etc/uci-defaults directory was not being used to secure the OpenWrt configuration.

In Liferay Portal 6.1.0, the tags section has XSS via a Public Render Parameter (p_r_p) value, as demonstrated by p_r_p_564233524_tag.

The mgl-instagram-gallery plugin for WordPress has XSS via the single-gallery.php media parameter.

The JBuildozer extension 1.4.1 for Joomla! has SQL Injection via the appid parameter in an entriessearch action.

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