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openSUSE-SU-2013:0377-1 -- Suse java-1_7_0-openjdk

ID: oval:org.secpod.oval:def:400498Date: (C)2013-03-09   (M)2018-06-09
Class: PATCHFamily: unix

java-1_7_0-openjdk was updated to icedtea-2.3.6 containing various security and bugfixes: * Security fixes - S6563318, CVE-2013-0424: RMI data sanitization - S6664509, CVE-2013-0425: Add logging context - S6664528, CVE-2013-0426: Find log level matching its name or value given at construction time - S6776941: CVE-2013-0427: Improve thread pool shutdown - S7141694, CVE-2013-0429: Improving CORBA internals - S7173145: Improve in-memory representation of splashscreens - S7186945: Unpack200 improvement - S7186946: Refine unpacker resource usage - S7186948: Improve Swing data validation - S7186952, CVE-2013-0432: Improve clipboard access - S7186954: Improve connection performance - S7186957: Improve Pack200 data validation - S7192392, CVE-2013-0443: Better validation of client keys - S7192393, CVE-2013-0440: Better Checking of order of TLS Messages - S7192977, CVE-2013-0442: Issue in toolkit thread - S7197546, CVE-2013-0428: Reflect about creating reflective proxies - S7200491: Tighten up JTable layout code - S7200493, CVE-2013-0444: Improve cache handling - S7200499: Better data validation for options - S7200500: Launcher better input validation - S7201064: Better dialogue checking - S7201066, CVE-2013-0441: Change modifiers on unused fields - S7201068, CVE-2013-0435: Better handling of UI elements - S7201070: Serialization to conform to protocol - S7201071, CVE-2013-0433: InetSocketAddress serialization issue - S8000210: Improve JarFile code quality - S8000537, CVE-2013-0450: Contextualize RequiredModelMBean class - S8000539, CVE-2013-0431: Introspect JMX data handling - S8000540, CVE-2013-1475: Improve IIOP type reuse management - S8000631, CVE-2013-1476: Restrict access to class constructor - S8001235, CVE-2013-0434: Improve JAXP HTTP handling - S8001242: Improve RMI HTTP conformance - S8001307: Modify ACC_SUPER behavior - S8001972, CVE-2013-1478: Improve image processing - S8002325, CVE-2013-1480: Improve management of images * Backports - S7057320: test/java/util/concurrent/Executors/AutoShutdown.java failing intermittently - S7083664: TEST_BUG: test hard code of using c:/temp but this dir might not exist - S7107613: scalability blocker in javax.crypto.CryptoPermissions - S7107616: scalability blocker in javax.crypto.JceSecurityManager - S7146424: Wildcard expansion for single entry classpath - S7160609: [macosx] JDK crash in libjvm.dylib - S7160951: [macosx] ActionListener called twice for JMenuItem using ScreenMenuBar - S7162488: VM not printing unknown -XX options - S7169395: Exception throws due to the changes in JDK 7 object tranversal and break backward compatibility - S7175616: Port fix for TimeZone from JDK 8 to JDK 7 - S7176485: Allow temporary buffer cache to grow to IOV_MAX - S7179908: Fork hs23.3 hsx from hs22.2 for jdk7u7 and reinitialize build number - S7184326: TEST_BUG: java/awt/Frame/7024749/bug7024749.java has a typo - S7185245: Licensee source bundle tries to compile JFR - S7185471: Avoid key expansion when AES cipher is re-init w/ the same key - S7186371: [macosx] Main menu shortcuts not displayed - S7187834: [macosx] Usage of private API in macosx 2d implementation causes Apple Store rejection - S7188114: need an alternate command line parser for Windows - S7189136: Fork hs23.5 hsx from hs23.4 for jdk7u9 and reinitialize build number - S7189350: Fix failed for CR 7162144 - S7190550: REGRESSION: Some closed/com/oracle/jfr/api tests fail to compile becuse of fix 7185245 - S7193219: JComboBox serialization fails in JDK 1.7 - S7193977: REGRESSION:Java 7"s JavaBeans persistence ignoring the "transient" flag on properties - S7195106: REGRESSION : There is no way to get Icon inf, once Softreference is released - S7195301: XML Signature DOM implementation should not use instanceof to determine type of Node - S7195931: UnsatisfiedLinkError on PKCS11.C_GetOperationState while using NSS from jre7u6+ - S7197071: Makefiles for various security providers aren"t including the default manifest. - S7197652: Impossible to run any signed JNLP applications or applets, OCSP off by default - S7198146: Another new regression test does not compile on windows-amd64 - S7198570: Support tzdata2012f - S7198640: new hotspot build - hs23.6-b04 - S7199488: [TEST] runtime/7158800/InternTest.java failed due to false-positive on PID match. - S7199645: Increment build # of hs23.5 to b02 - S7199669: Update tags in .hgtags file for CPU release rename - S7200720: crash in net.dll during NTLM authentication - S7200742: Selector.select does not block when starting Coherence - S7200762: [macosx] Stuck in sun.java2d.opengl.CGLGraphicsConfig.getMaxTextureSize - S8000285: Deadlock between PostEventQueue.noEvents, EventQueue.isDispatchThread and SwingUtilities.invokeLater - S8000286: [macosx] Views keep scrolling back to the drag position after DnD - S8000297: REGRESSION: closed/java/awt/EventQueue/PostEventOrderingTest.java fails - S8000307: Jre7cert: focusgained does not get called for all focus req when do alt + tab - S8000822: Fork hs23.7 hsx from hs23.6 for jdk7u11 and reinitialize build number - S8001124: jdk7u ProblemList.txt updates - S8001242: Improve RMI HTTP conformance - S8001808: Create a test for 8000327 - S8001876: Create regtest for 8000283 - S8002068: Build broken: corba code changes unable to use new JDK 7 classes - S8002091: tools/launcher/ToolsOpts.java test started to fail since 7u11 b01 on Windows - S8002114: fix failed for JDK-7160951: [macosx] ActionListener called twice for JMenuItem using ScreenMenuBar - S8002225: Support tzdata2012i - S8003402: test/java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/SendToUnresovled.java failing after 7u11 cleanup issues - S8003403: Test ShortRSAKeyWithinTLS and ClientJSSEServerJSSE failing after 7u11 cleanup - S8003948: NTLM/Negotiate authentication problem - S8004175: Restricted packages added in java.security are missing in java.security-{macosx, solaris, windows} - S8004302: javax/xml/soap/Test7013971.java fails since jdk6u39b01 - S8004341: Two JCK tests fails with 7u11 b06 - S8005615: Java Logger fails to load tomcat logger implementation * Bug fixes - Fix build using Zero"s HotSpot so all patches apply again. - PR1295: jamvm parallel unpack failure * removed icedtea-2.3.2-fix-extract-jamvm-dependency.patch - removed icedtea-2.3.3-refresh-6924259-string_offset.patch - few missing /openjdk/%{origin}/ changes

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