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SUSE-SU-2016:1997-1 -- Suse java-170-openjdk

ID: oval:org.secpod.oval:def:400653Date: (C)2016-11-22   (M)2018-06-09
Class: PATCHFamily: unix

This update for java-1_7_0-openjdk fixes the following issues: - Update to 2.6.7 - OpenJDK 7u111 * Security fixes - S8079718, CVE-2016-3458: IIOP Input Stream Hooking - S8145446, CVE-2016-3485: Perfect pipe placement - S8147771: Construction of static protection domains under Javax custom policy - S8148872, CVE-2016-3500: Complete name checking - S8149962, CVE-2016-3508: Better delineation of XML processing - S8150752: Share Class Data - S8151925: Font reference improvements - S8152479, CVE-2016-3550: Coded byte streams - S8155981, CVE-2016-3606: Bolster bytecode verification - S8155985, CVE-2016-3598: Persistent Parameter Processing - S8158571, CVE-2016-3610: Additional method handle validation - CVE-2016-3511 - CVE-2016-3503 - CVE-2016-3498 * Import of OpenJDK 7 u111 build 0 - S6953295: Move few sun.security.{util, x509, pkcs} classes used by keytool/jarsigner to another package - S7060849: Eliminate pack200 build warnings - S7064075: Security libraries don"t build with javac -Xlint:all,-deprecation -Werror - S7069870: Parts of the JDK erroneously rely on generic array initializers with diamond - S7102686: Restructure timestamp code so that jars and modules can more easily share the same code - S7105780: Add SSLSocket client/SSLEngine server to templates directory - S7142339: PKCS7.java is needlessly creating SHA1PRNG SecureRandom instances when timestamping is not done - S7152582: PKCS11 tests should use the NSS libraries available in the OS - S7192202: Make sure keytool prints both unknown and unparseable extensions - S7194449: String resources for Key Tool and Policy Tool should be in their respective packages - S7196855: autotest.sh fails on ubuntu because libsoftokn.so not found - S7200682: TEST_BUG: keytool/autotest.sh still has problems with libsoftokn.so - S8002306: Selector.open fails if invoked with thread interrupt status set [win] - S8009636: JARSigner including TimeStamp PolicyID as defined in RFC3161 - S8019341: Update CookieHttpsClientTest to use the newer framework. - S8022228: Intermittent test failures in sun/security/ssl/javax/net/ssl/NewAPIs - S8022439: Fix lint warnings in sun.security.ec - S8022594: Potential deadlock in <clinit> of sun.nio.ch.Util/IOUtil - S8023546: sun/security/mscapi/ShortRSAKey1024.sh fails intermittently - S8036612: [parfait] JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/security/mscapi/security.cpp - S8037557: test SessionCacheSizeTests.java timeout - S8038837: Add support to jarsigner for specifying timestamp hash algorithm - S8079410: Hotspot version to share the same update and build version from JDK - S8130735: javax.swing.TimerQueue: timer fires late when another timer starts - S8139436: sun.security.mscapi.KeyStore might load incomplete data - S8144313: Test SessionTimeOutTests can be timeout - S8146387: Test SSLSession/SessionCacheSizeTests socket accept timed out - S8146669: Test SessionTimeOutTests fails intermittently - S8146993: Several javax/management/remote/mandatory regression tests fail after JDK-8138811 - S8147857: [TEST] RMIConnector logs attribute names incorrectly - S8151841, PR3098: Build needs additional flags to compile with GCC 6 - S8151876: Support tzdata2016d - S8157077: 8u101 L10n resource file updates - S8161262: Fix jdk build with gcc 4.1.2: -fno-strict-overflow not known. * Import of OpenJDK 7 u111 build 1 - S7081817: test/sun/security/provider/certpath/X509CertPath/IllegalCertificates.java f ailing - S8140344: add support for 3 digit update release numbers - S8145017: Add support for 3 digit hotspot minor version numbers - S8162344: The API changes made by CR 7064075 need to be reverted * Backports - S2178143, PR2958: JVM crashes if the number of bound CPUs changed during runtime - S4900206, PR3101: Include worst-case rounding tests for Math library functions - S6260348, PR3067: GTK+ L&F JTextComponent not respecting desktop caret blink rate - S6934604, PR3075: enable parts of EliminateAutoBox by default - S7043064, PR3020: sun/java2d/cmm/ tests failed against RI b141 & b138-nightly - S7051394, PR3020: NullPointerException when running regression tests LoadProfileTest by using openjdk-7-b144 - S7086015, PR3013: fix test/tools/javac/parser/netbeans/JavacParserTest.java - S7119487, PR3013: JavacParserTest.java test fails on Windows platforms - S7124245, PR3020: [lcms] ColorConvertOp to color space CS_GRAY apparently converts orange to 244,244,0 - S7159445, PR3013: emits inaccurate diagnostics for enhanced for-loops - S7175845, PR1437, RH1207129: "jar uf" changes file permissions unexpectedly - S8005402, PR3020: Need to provide benchmarks for color management - S8005530, PR3020: [lcms] Improve performance of ColorConverOp for default destinations - S8005930, PR3020: [lcms] ColorConvertOp: Alpha channel is not transferred from source to destination. - S8013430, PR3020: REGRESSION: closed/java/awt/color/ICC_Profile/LoadProfileTest/LoadProfileTest.java fail s with java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid type code: EE since 8b87 - S8014286, PR3075: failed java/lang/Math/DivModTests.java after 6934604 changes - S8014959, PR3075: assert failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit - S8019247, PR3075: SIGSEGV in compiled method c8e.e.t_.getArray[Ljava/lang/Object - S8024511, PR3020: Crash during color profile destruction - S8025429, PR3020: [parfait] warnings from b107 for sun.java2d.cmm: JNI exception pending - S8026702, PR3020: Fix for 8025429 breaks jdk build on windows - S8026780, PR3020, RH1142587: Crash on PPC and PPC v2 for Java_awt test suit - S8047066, PR3020: Test test/sun/awt/image/bug8038000.java fails with ClassCastException - S8069181, PR3012, RH1015612: java.lang.AssertionError when compiling JDK 1.4 code in JDK 8 - S8158260, PR2992, RH1341258: PPC64: unaligned Unsafe.getInt can lead to the generation of illegal instructions - S8159244, PR3075: Partially initialized string object created by C2"s string concat optimization may escape * Bug fixes - PR2799, RH1195203: Files are missing from resources.jar - PR2900: Don"t use WithSeed versions of NSS functions as they don"t fully process the seed - PR3091: SystemTap is heavily confused by multiple JDKs - PR3102: Extend 8022594 to AixPollPort - PR3103: Handle case in clean-fonts where linux.fontconfig.Gentoo.properties.old has not been created - PR3111: Provide option to disable SystemTap tests - PR3114: Don"t assume system mime.types supports text/x-java-source - PR3115: Add check for elliptic curve cryptography implementation - PR3116: Add tests for Java debug info and source files - PR3118: Path to agpl-3.0.txt not updated - PR3119: Makefile handles cacerts as a symlink, but the configure check doesn"t * AArch64 port - S8148328, PR3100: aarch64: redundant lsr instructions in stub code. - S8148783, PR3100: aarch64: SEGV running SpecJBB2013 - S8148948, PR3100: aarch64: generate_copy_longs calls align incorrectly - S8150045, PR3100: arraycopy causes segfaults in SATB during garbage collection - S8154537, PR3100: AArch64: some integer rotate instructions are never emitted - S8154739, PR3100: AArch64: TemplateTable::fast_xaccess loads in wrong mode - S8157906, PR3100: aarch64: some more integer rotate instructions are never emitted - Enable SunEC for SLE12 and Leap - Fix aarch64 running with 48 bits va space

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 SP1
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