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Specifies whether Virtualization Based Security is enabled. Virtualization Based Security uses the Windows Hypervisor to provide support for security services. Virtualization Based Security requires Secure Boot, and can optionally be enabled with the use of DMA Protections. DMA protections require hardware support and will only be enabled on correctly configured devices. Virtualization Based Pro ...

This policy setting determines whether enhanced anti-spoofing is configured for devices which support it. If you do not configure this policy setting, users will be able to choose whether or not to use enhanced anti-spoofing on supported devices. If you enable this policy setting, Windows will require all users on the device to use anti-spoofing for facial features, on devices which support it. ...

This policy setting configures behavior of samples submission when opt-in for MAPS telemetry is set. Possible options are: (0x0) Always prompt (0x1) Send safe samples automatically (0x2) Never send (0x3) Send all samples automatically Enabling or not configuring this setting may automatically send potentially confidential data to Microsoft, which may b ...

This policy setting determines if the SMB client will allow insecure guest logons to an SMB server. If you enable this policy setting or if you do not configure this policy setting, the SMB client will allow insecure guest logons. If you disable this policy setting, the SMB client will reject insecure guest logons. Insecure guest logons are used by file servers to allow unauthenticated access t ...

Disable: 'Configure Windows SmartScreen'

This policy setting specifies whether the computer that is about to host the remote connection will enforce an encryption level for all data sent between it and the client computer for the remote session.

Disable: 'Configure registry policy processing' for NoBackgroundPolicy

When Windows Defender detects software or changes by software not yet classified for risks, you see how other members responded to the alert. In turn, the action you apply help other members choose how to respond. Your actions also help Microsoft choose which software to investigate for potential threats. You can choose to send basic or additional information about detected software. Additional in ...

Enable: 'Boot-Start Driver Initialization Policy'

Windows notices inactivity of a logon session, and if the amount of inactive time exceeds the inactivity limit, then the screen saver will run, locking the session.

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