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This policy setting determines which users can interactively log on to computers in your environment.

This policy setting determines the level of data signing that is requested on behalf of clients that issue LDAP BIND requests.

Network security: Minimum session security for NTLM SSP based (including secure RPC) server applications.

This policy setting allows users to change the Trusted for Delegation setting on a computer object in Active Directory.

This policy setting determines the least number of characters that make up a password for a user account.

Select On to allow Windows Firewall to filter network traffic. Select Off to prevent Windows Firewall from using any firewall rules or connection security rules for this profile.

This policy setting in the System audit category determines whether to audit IPsec Driver events on computers that are running Windows Vista.

This policy setting allows users to circumvent file and directory permissions to back up the system.

The Detailed Tracking audit category determines whether to audit detailed tracking information for events such as program activation, process exit, handle duplication, and indirect object access. This setting deals with Process Creation.

This policy setting controls whether applications that request to run with a User Interface Accessibility (UIAccess) integrity level must reside in a secure location in the file system.

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