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mime-support is installed

Multiple use-after-frees were discovered in Privoxy, a privacy-enhancing HTTP proxy.

libdbd-firebird-perl is installed

redis-server is installed

Several vulnerabilities were found in drupal7, a content management platform used to power websites. CVE-2015-3231 Incorrect cache handling made private content viewed by "user 1" exposed to other, non-privileged users. CVE-2015-3232 A flaw in the Field UI module made it possible for attackers to redirect users to malicious sites. CVE-2015-3233 Due to insufficient URL validation, the Ove ...

Multiple security issues have been found in Iceweasel, Debian"s version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser: Multiple memory safety errors, integer overflows, buffer overflows, use-after-frees and other implementation errors may lead to the execution of arbitrary code, bypass of the same-origin policy or denial of service. Debian follows the extended support releases of Firefox. Support for the 31 ...

Hanno Boeck discovered a stack-based buffer overflow in the dpkg-deb component of dpkg, the Debian package management system. This flaw could potentially lead to arbitrary code execution if a user or an automated system were tricked into processing a specially crafted Debian binary package in the old style Debian binary package format. This update also includes updated translations and additional ...

php-horde-core is installed

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in libebml, a library for manipulating Extensible Binary Meta Language files. CVE-2015-8789 Context-dependent attackers could trigger a use-after-free vulnerability by providing a maliciously crafted EBML document. CVE-2015-8790 Context-dependent attackers could obtain sensitive information from the process" heap memory by using a maliciously crafted UTF-8 s ...

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