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Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler. It converts wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website. Ikiwiki stores pages and history in a revision control system such as Subversion or Git. There are many other features, including support for blogging, as well as a large array of plugins.

This package provides a client for Cisco"s "AnyConnect" VPN, which uses HTTPS and DTLS protocols.

Firewall Builder consists of a GUI and set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms. It helps users maintain a database of objects and allows policy editing using simple drag-and-drop operations. GUI generates firewall description in the form of XML file, which compilers then interpret and generate platform-specific code. Several algorithms are provided for automated network objects disc ...

These provide several pieces of "middleware" that can be nested to build web applications. Each piece of middleware uses the WSGI interface, and should be compatible with other middleware based on those interfaces.

The GMime suite provides a core library and set of utilities which may be used for the creation and parsing of messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension .

Extending the art & spirit of PHP, Zend Framework is based on simplicity, object-oriented best practices, corporate friendly licensing, and a rigorously tested agile codebase. Zend Framework is focused on building more secure, reliable, and modern Web 2.0 applications & web services, and consuming widely available APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr, as well as AP ...

Irssi is a modular IRC client with Perl scripting. Only text-mode frontend is currently supported. The GTK/GNOME frontend is no longer being maintained.

KVIrc is a free portable IRC client based on the excellent Qt GUI toolkit. KVirc is being written by Szymon Stefanek and the KVIrc Development Team with the contribution of many IRC addicted developers around the world.

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one Internet application suite. It includes a browser, mail/news client, IRC client, JavaScript debugger, and a tool to inspect the DOM for web pages. It is derived from the application formerly known as Mozilla Application Suite.

Mozilla Sunbird is a cross-platform calendar application, built upon Mozilla Toolkit. It brings Mozilla-style ease-of-use to your calendar, without tying you to a particular storage solution.

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