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Routing protocols should use MD5 to authenticate neighbors prior to exchanging route table updates to ensure that route tables are not corrupted.

NET-IPV6-059 - Maximum hop limit is less than 32.

Restrict the router from accepting any outbound IP packet that contains an illegitimate address in the source address field via egress ACL or by enabling Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding in an IPv6 enclave.

Ensure IPv6 Site Local Unicast addresses are not defined in the enclave, (FEC0::/10). Note that this consist of all addresses that begin with FEC, FED, FEE and FEF.

bind subpackages are installed

HP Linux Imaging and Printing is installed

The host is installed with HP Linux Imaging and Printing 3.x before 3.11.10 and is prone to unspecified vulnerability. A flaw is present in the application, which creates temporary files in an insecure manner. Successful exploitation allows attackers to perform symbolic-link attacks, overwriting arbitrary files in the context of the affected application.

The Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing Project provides drivers for HP printers and multi-function peripherals.

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