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Nepomuk Core utilities and libraries.

Killbots is a simple game of evading killer robots. Who created the robots and why they have been programmed to destroy, no one knows. All that is known is that the robots are numerous and their sole objective is to destroy you. Fortunately for you, their creator has focused on quantity rather than quality and as a result the robots are severely lacking in intelligence. Your superior wit and a fan ...

Networking applications, including: * kget: downloader manager * kopete: chat client * kppp: dialer and front end for pppd * krdc: a client for Desktop Sharing and other VNC servers * krfb: Desktop Sharing server, allow others to access your desktop via VNC

Kapman is a collecting game. You must go through the levels escaping ghosts in a maze. You lose a life when a ghost eats you, but you can eat the ghosts for a few seconds when eating an energizer. You win points when eating pills, energizers, and bonus, and you win one life for each 10,000 points. When you have eaten all the pills and energizers of a level, you go to the next level, and the player ...

KGoldrunner is a game of action and puzzle solving. Run through the maze, dodge your enemies, collect all the gold and climb up to the next level.

This package includes ruby bindings for Qt 4.

This package includes Bindings for Qt libraries.

Personal Information Management libraries for KDE 4.

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