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It is mandatory to use UTF-8 encoding in communication on newer cups versions. It prevents hplip from working properly in non-UTF-8 environments. The updated packages fix this issue.

Since version 6.14.9 Urpmi would spontaneously un-ignore any updated medias. This update fixes that regression.

This update fixes errors in be-latin1, be2-latin1, ro-comma, ro-academic, and gr-utf8 keymaps, shipped on Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring and Mandriva Linux 2009.

The network applet would crash when the mandi monitoring daemon was restarted. This updated drakx-net package corrects the issue.

This update fixes several minor issues with rpmdrake, including preventing a rare crash when canceling and fixing a crash when selecting all packages. It also corrects another rare crash when installing packges with strange non-standard names, packages not provided by Mandriva. Finally, it also makes MandrivaUpdate fit in laptop screens .

kdesdk packages in Mandriva Linux 2008 and 2008 Spring had packaging bugs which led to the subversion ioslave to not build and thus not be provided. The updated packages fixed the bugs and provide the subversion access ioslave.

This update adds support for ATM bridging in the network configuration tools and backend. It is mostly used for ADSL pppoe connections with USB modems .

This update fixes several minor issues in rpmdrake: - it prevents crashing if the RPM database is locked when trying to install some packages - it fixes a crash when the default view is unknown - it enables searching also with the numeric pad"s Enter key - it makes rpmdrake not list backports as updates, like MandrivaUpdate does It also makes MandrivaUpdate fit in laptops screen

A bug in cairo library could incorrectly position text when printing PDF files with evince . This update to latest stable version of cairo fixes this issue, as well as removing incorrect dependency on standard C++ library and includes stability fixes for usage with old X servers.

This update fixes a few minor issues with draksound: - it greys PulseAudio options in the GUI if PulseAudio is disabled - it disables PulseAudio routing when PulseAudio is disabled

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