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A bug in cairo library could incorrectly position text when printing PDF files with evince . This update to latest stable version of cairo fixes this issue, as well as removing incorrect dependency on standard C++ library and includes stability fixes for usage with old X servers.

This update fixes a few minor issues with draksound: - it greys PulseAudio options in the GUI if PulseAudio is disabled - it disables PulseAudio routing when PulseAudio is disabled

Banshee failed on initial startup from the menu, due to its configuration directory to be missing. This update fixes the problem.

When an attachment file is opened in a KDE4 application, it is copied to a temporary directory and opened by a "kioexec" process. When you close the application, the "kioexec" process should automatically close after some minutes of inactivity in the temporary file. The kdebase4-runtime package released in Mandriva Linux 2009 has a bug which prevents the "kioexec" process from closing. This update ...

ksplash-engine-moodin has some background caching routines for simulating the transparency and the fade-in effect of the loading steps. When the session loading happens too fast, the first steps don"t have enough time to finish the caching before the later steps start to happen, showing some images that look cut. This update corrects the problem.

The capi4linux initscript from the isdn4k-utils package in Mandriva Linux 2008.0 had incorrect permissions, which prevented it from being used. The updated package fixes the permissions of the initscript.

Updated Mesa packages are available that correct a problem of reversed logic in Mesa 7.0.3rc2 on Intel i965 cards.

Some recent intel graphics cards triggered a random freeze or a reboot of some machines when the graphical interface was loaded. Some affected machines include the Dell Latitude E6500 and Lenovo Thinkpad X200.

OpenSC is missing openct linking. As a result, no cards using openct are seen and therefore cannot be used. This update builds OpenSC with openct linking.

This update fixes several minor issues: - some GUIes would crash on clicking on the close button while they load - draksec was crashing if the administrator refused to install - localdrake: After changing the localization language from drakconf in a high security level, the permissions of /etc/sysconfig/i18n were changed such that the file was only readable by root. This caused graphical login ...

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