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Beagle"s Mozilla Thunderbird extension was not built for the correct version of Mozilla Thunderbird. This update builds it against the correct version so the extension is made available in Mozilla Thunderbird.

The iproute2 package released with mandriva 2008.1 had a problem which prevented its usage with kernels of versions 2.6.21 and older, notably the Xen kernel . This update fixes the issue.

After a previous update , Ark was able to open tar.bz2 archives, but couldn"t show their content. The updated packages fix this issue.

The sound initialization scripts provided with Mandriva Linux 2009 activate the Analog Loopback channel when it is present. This channel is present on most audio chipsets supported by the snd-hda-intel driver, which are commonly used on recent systems. When active, this channel plays back the sound received by the line-in and mic-in channels. If nothing is actually connected to these channels, thi ...

The bootsplash text messages were not correctly appearing at startup . The /dev/fb0 device was missing in early boot and bootsplash initialization was complaining about it . The shutdown process of network services could be troublesome, because resolvconf would be stopped too early. The updated package fixes these issues.

This update enhances ndiswrapper drivers support , and madwifi driver support . It also fixes the configuration of cellular cards . Also, some crashes have been fixed in the net_monitor tool .

Gnome-session was not migrating files from the old GNOME trash system to its new location at login, preventing old trash management with Nautilus. This package fixes the issue and provides new translations from GNOME 2.22.2.

Display session in Kdesktop preference window would hang the X server. This update fixes this bug.

A minor bug in drakbt was causing it to crash when opening some dialogs such as the help. This update corrects the bug.

An updated x11-driver-video-mga package is available that corrects a problem where an earlier version was used to update the mga driver version 1.47, instead of the proper 1.4.8 version.

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