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Mandriva Linux 2011.0 is installed

A number of security vulnerabilities have been discovered and corrected in the latest Mozilla Thunderbird program, version This update provides the latest Thunderbird to correct these issues.

Trying to establish an XDMCP session to a machine running xdm would result in a blue screen and an X cursor that could be moved with the mouse but no login greeter. After 2 to 3 minutes, the launching tty would say XDM: too many retransmissions, declaring session dead. This update fixes the issue.

An updated x11-driver-video-mga package is available that corrects a problem where an earlier version was used to update the mga driver version 1.47, instead of the proper 1.4.8 version.

The virtual package x11-driver-video would incorrectly require sparc specific video drivers on a x86 architecture computer. The updated package fixes the issue.

The package included with Mandriva Linux 2008 for psad had two problems. Firstly, it did not depend on perl-IPTables-ChainMgr, which in fact it does require to work. Secondly, the /etc/psad/ip_options file was incorrectly omitted from the package, making psad fail to start. This updated package fixes both issues.

Metisse was not able to start properly when using KDE4 as the desktop environment. This package update fixes the issue.

Several bugs were found in util-linux-ng package: - Using an offset on loopback device was broken - Creating an encrypted loopback with losetup -e was broken - Using fdisk to modify the partition table of an image file did not write the changes The updated package fixes these issues.

In certain rare circumstances, any area of an NTFS volume, excluding the NTFS boot sector, could get corrupted. The chances for this to happen are greater when the disk is close to full utilization and when using one of the more uncommon, less than 4096 byte cluster sizes. The updated packages correct this issue.

It is mandatory to use UTF-8 encoding in communication on newer cups versions. It prevents hplip from working properly in non-UTF-8 environments. The updated packages fix this issue.

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