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Updated timezone packages are being provided for older Mandriva Linux systems that do not contain the new Daylight Savings Time information for 2008 and later for certain time zones. These updated packages contain the new information.

This drakxtools update package fixes issues with the hardrake tool to make sure that USB keys are not auto-configured by the service at boot , and adds back the Run Config tool button in the harddrake interface . An issue where bootloader-config would use vmlinuz-desktop or initrd-desktop.img instead of vmlinuz or initrd.img was corrected . A crash in drakfont where it would crash on names with me ...

kdesdk packages in Mandriva Linux 2008 and 2008 Spring had packaging bugs which led to the subversion ioslave to not build and thus not be provided. The updated packages fixed the bugs and provide the subversion access ioslave. Update: The previous kdesdk update placed subversion-related files in such a way that they conflicted with kdesvn. This update corrects that issue.

Beagle was looking for the static indexes generated by beagle-crawl-system in the wrong directory. This update corrects the problem.

The clock applet in GNOME could crash when using some specific locations or when using updated timezone data. The Recent Documents menu was not always able to start the right application for a specific document. Updated packages for gnome-panel, libgweather, and gnome-applets fix these issues and include many other bug fixes and translation updates from GNOME 2.22.2.

This update provides the latest headers exported by kernel which includes a fix for building some samba versions.

The freeradius package included in Mandriva Linux 2008.1 had hardcoded the use of the "-y" option in its initscript, which is no longer a valid option in the new major version of 2.0. As a result, the initscript was unable to launch the service correctly. As well, a file name error in the EAP module configuration triggered an error at launch. Both issues are corrected with this update package.

The silc libraries for Mandriva Linux 2008.1 contained an obsolete patch for a bug that was already fixed, preventing the libraries from connecting to the silc network. This update removes the obsolete patch, restoring correct functionality of the libraries.

These updated packages improve the urpmi graphical interface and add support for online distribution upgrades.

This update fixes several minor issues with rpmdrake, including preventing a rare crash when canceling and fixing a crash when selecting all packages. Update: The wrong rpmdrake revision was built for updates. This update provides the correct revision.

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