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This policy setting turns off the location feature for this computer. If you enable this policy setting, the location feature is turned off, and all programs on this computer are prevented from using location information from the location feature. If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, all programs on this computer will not be prevented from using location informatio ...

Controls whether a user can save passwords using Remote Desktop Connection.If you enable this setting the credential saving checkbox in Remote Desktop Connection will be disabled and users will no longer be able to save passwords. When a user opens an RDP file using Remote Desktop Connection and saves his settings, any password that previously existed in the RDP file will be deleted.If you disable ...

This policy setting specifies whether to allow this client to download print driver packages over HTTP.To set up HTTP printing, non-inbox drivers need to be downloaded over HTTP.Note: This policy setting does not prevent the client from printing to printers on the Intranet or the Internet over HTTP. It only prohibits downloading drivers that are not already installed locally.If you enable this po ...

The Password protect the screen saver setting should be configured correctly.

Enables desktop screen savers. If you disable this setting, screen savers do not run. Also, this setting disables the Screen Saver section of the Screen Saver dialog in the Personalization or Display Control Panel. As a result, users cannot change the screen saver options. If you do not configure it, this setting has no effect on the system. If you enable it, a screen saver runs, provided the f ...

The Screen Saver timeout setting should be configured correctly.

This policy determines whether to audit the event of a user who attempts to access an object that has a specified system access control list (SACL), effectively enabling auditing to take place. It is targeted to the certification services processes.

This policy setting audits Computer Account Management events.

The Detailed Tracking audit category determines whether to audit detailed tracking information for events, such as program activation, process exit, handle duplication, and indirect object access. This setting is focused on RPC events.

This audit category generates events that record the creation and destruction of logon sessions. This setting targets IPsec Quick Mode settings.

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