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This update fixes several minor issues with rpmdrake, including preventing a rare crash when canceling and fixing a crash when selecting all packages.

This update fixes an X server crash with multiple indirect rendering clients and software rendering.

This drakxtools and drakconf update provides fixes for the harddrake auto-configuration tool and for the live system installer. It also allows mounting ntfs-3g partitions from diskdrake. Finally, it detects the USB cellular devices controlled by the hso driver.

The LIRC packages included with Mandriva Linux 2008 and Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring did not include the "commandir" module, which is necessary to properly support CommandIR remote controls. These updated packages do include the module.

This update ensures that the distribution upgrade notification is not detected in incorrect cases, and ensures that a distribution upgrade is only suggested after all security updates have been applied. It also improves the distribution upgrade confirmation dialog and reliability of network package installation.

The clock applet in GNOME could crash when using some specific locations or when using updated timezone data. The Recent Documents menu was not always able to start the right application for a specific document. Update: The previous gnome-applets package on x86_64 was improperly built and included apm support when it should not have, resulting in an extra dependency that could cause installation i ...

The symlinks program did not work on files larger than 2GB, reporting the error Value too large for defined data type. This update fixes this issue in addition to an error where symlinks converted from absolute to relative paths were not shortened .

This package update adds support for automatically configuring additional software repositories for registered Powerpack users.

openoffice.org-voikko provides Finnish spellchecker and hyphenator component for OpenOffice.org. The package is being updated for the new OpenOffice.org version.

Live, as shipped with Mandriva Linux 2009.0, was missing the main executable: live555MediaServer. This update provides the program.

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