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The openchrome driver version shipped with Mandriva 2008.0 is not fully functional with most chrome based video cards available in the market. This update, requested by upstream developers, should correct the problems, and provide a more mature driver.

Previous Rhythmbox packages would crash with a formatted, but not yet initialized, iPod. This update prevents the crash.

The oggenc program incorrectly wrote special characters in tags; they were incorrectly replaced with sharp characters. This update makes oggenc properly handle special characters in tags.

This update provides an X.org ATI video driver that fixes VGA output on RS300/350/400/480 integrated Radeon chipsets.

Due to bad encoding, accented letters appeared on the KDE menu and kicker as strange symbols rather than the actual letters. This update fixes the issue and properly displays those letters.

The previous openafs update was released to correct gcc compiler optimisations, however it only corrected the problem on 32bit platforms. This update fixes it for both 32bit and 64bit architectures. Update: The previous update did not completely correct the problem in all cases. It prevented listing directory contents when attaching to an AFS server, making files inaccessible.

This drakxtools update contains file leaks and automatic disk discovery fixes. The network driver detection used to leak file descriptors, meaning that network applications like the wireless tool or the network center stopped working after extended use. The automatic disk discovery tool did not correctly mark new media as removable, and thus they were checked at every boot, which stopped the boot ...

The via driver originally available in Xorg on 2007.0 has an unresolved symbol that lead the X server to crash. The problem could be reproduced on any hardware the driver supports simply by starting the X server. The updated driver fixes this specific problem by making all the symbols resolved.

rpmdrake in Mandriva Linux 2007.1 cannot install packages that are excluded by /etc/urpmi/skip.list. This is not how the system is intended to work . This bug made it difficult to install, for instance, the kernel-source-stripped-latest package, as it is listed in skip.list by default. This update fixes the problem and allows the user manually to install packages listed in skip.list if they so cho ...

The VPN connection wizard failed to setup OpenVPN connections with username and password, because of a missing requirement in the package. This update package adds the perl-Net-Telnet dependency to solve the issue.

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