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This drakxtools update contains file leaks and automatic disk discovery fixes. The network driver detection used to leak file descriptors, meaning that network applications like the wireless tool or the network center stopped working after extended use. The automatic disk discovery tool did not correctly mark new media as removable, and thus they were checked at every boot, which stopped the boot ...

The via driver originally available in Xorg on 2007.0 has an unresolved symbol that lead the X server to crash. The problem could be reproduced on any hardware the driver supports simply by starting the X server. The updated driver fixes this specific problem by making all the symbols resolved.

rpmdrake in Mandriva Linux 2007.1 cannot install packages that are excluded by /etc/urpmi/skip.list. This is not how the system is intended to work . This bug made it difficult to install, for instance, the kernel-source-stripped-latest package, as it is listed in skip.list by default. This update fixes the problem and allows the user manually to install packages listed in skip.list if they so cho ...

The VPN connection wizard failed to setup OpenVPN connections with username and password, because of a missing requirement in the package. This update package adds the perl-Net-Telnet dependency to solve the issue.

A number of vulnerabilities in the Wireshark program were found that could cause crashes, excessive looping, or arbitrary code execution. This update rovides Wireshark 0.99.7 which is not vulnerable to these issues. An updated version of libsmi is also being provided, not because of security issues, but because this version of wireshark uses it instead of net-snmp for SNMP support.

Some button press events where handled two times because they were reported both by X and by Hal. This update adds some code to detect them and ignore the duplicate events. This update also adds a gconf key /schemas/apps/gnome-power-manager/general/logout_command to allow using gnome-power-manager outside gnome session.

Under certain conditions, imwheel would enter an infinite loop and force the X server to consume a lot of CPU time, rendering the system unusable. This update fixes the issue.

This update fixes several minor issues with draksnapshot, such as backups not being completed due to bad permissions. A number of fixes were done to the applet as well, including notifications showing as information instead of warnings. Draksnapshot now no longer auto-disables after configuring, and it only pops up if a USB disk is mounted. Finally, it now prevents showing the panel icon before th ...

This drakx-net update provides new features for cellular connections and fixes . It adds support for more cellular devices , and makes the network center easier to use with cellular devices. It detects better the wireless signal strength for some drivers, and handles better the switch to a roaming daemon.

The previous update of wireshark had the dumpcap program, which is required by both wireshark and tshark, in the wireshark package. If a user installed tshark, it would not properly operate unless the wireshark package was also installed. This update corrects the problem by providing a new dumpcap package that both wireshark and tshark require.

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