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This update of the drakx-net and initscripts packages improves wireless strength detection and fixes connection with rt61 devices . Such connections used to fail when the wpa_supplicant daemon was used. This update makes the network tools force a reassociation when the rt61pci driver is used.

Updated timezone packages are being provided for older Mandriva Linux systems that do not contain new Daylight Savings Time information and Time Zone information for some locations. These updated packages contain the new information.

Automatic mirror geolocation in drakxtools-backend in Mandriva Linux 2008.1 would fail for some locales, because it uses backward compatibility timezone names for which there were no zone.tab entries in timezone , this makes software like urpmi to not select optimal mirrors in its automatic media/mirrors addition mode. This update makes timezone provide backward timezone name entries in zone.tab f ...

The kde4-splash-mdv package in Mandriva Linux 2009.0 was not translated. This package update adds translations at the KDE4 start screen.

Several feature bugfixes and stability fixes from GNOME 2.22.3 are provided by this package update, as well as translation updates.

The giftrans package was using the wrong path to the color definition file and couldn"t be used at all. This update uses the correct path.

A bug in the ASF demuxer in gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly prevented video players like Totem from seeking in WMV files, causing an error message Internal data stream error. This updated package contains a patch fixing this problem.

A bug in the rsh package prevented it from having the alternatives symlinks created if installed via auto_inst.cfg.pl. This update corrects the issue.

The kweather applet would be available in the applets viewer of the KDE kicker, despite the kweather application not being installed. Also, the previous update of kdetoys wouldn"t install because of a typo in the package specification. This update corrects the issues.

This update fixes a few minor issues like a rare crash on searching , a rare crash when an icon is missing and a crash with non existing packages . We really query local packages with the proper UTF-8 locale.

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