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Two denial of service vulnerabilities were identified in strongSwan, an IKE/IPsec suite, using Google"s OSS-Fuzz fuzzing project. CVE-2017-9022 RSA public keys passed to the gmp plugin aren"t validated sufficiently before attempting signature verification, so that invalid input might lead to a floating point exception and crash of the process. A certificate with an appropriately prepared public ke ...

libzookeeper-mt-dev is installed

gdm: GNOME Display Manager GDM could be made to launch a browser and leak information about the system.

thunderbird: Mozilla Open Source mail and newsgroup client Multiple vulnerabilities have been fixed in Thunderbird.

isc-dhcp: DHCP server and client DHCP could be made to crash if it received specially crafted network traffic.

linux: Linux kernel Several security issues were fixed in the kernel.

mesa: free implementation of the EGL API Mesa could be made to crash or run programs if it processed specially crafted data.

libxvmc: X11 Video extension library Several security issues were fixed in libxvmc.

telepathy-gabble: Jabber/XMPP connection manager Several security issues were fixed in telepathy-gabble.

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