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Kdebindings metapackage, to ease migration to split applications.

Kiriki is an addictive and fun dice game for KDE, designed to be played by as many as six players. Participants have to collect points by rolling five dice for up to three times per single turn. Each roll generates a specific combination of numbers which the player is free to either accept or decline. However, each specific combination of numbers can be accepted only once. After thirteen turns the ...

KAtomic is a fun and educational game built around molecular geometry. It employs a simplistic two-dimensional look at the elements which comprise a molecule. A molecule is disassembled into its separate atoms and scattered around the playing field. The player must reassemble the molecule in order to complete the current level and move up to the next one.

KMahjongg is a tile matching game for one or two players, a variation usually known as Mahjong Solitaire. In KMahjongg the tiles are scrambled and stacked on top of each other to resemble a certain shape. The player is then expected to remove all the tiles off the game board by locating each tile"s matching pair.

The KDE Workspace consists of what is the desktop of the KDE Desktop Environment. This package contains: * khotkeys * klipper * kmenuedit * krunner * kwin * plasma * systemsettings * krandrtray

In Klickety, your goal is to clear the board by clicking on groups to destroy them. The overall aim is to get the lowest score possible. It will provide entertainment for all abilities, but a challenge in logical thought if you want to get a really low score.

Core applications for KDE 4, including: dolphin : File manager kdepasswd : Changes a UNIX password. kdialog : Nice dialog boxes from shell scripts keditbookmarks : Bookmark oranizer and editor kfind : File find utility kfmclient : Tool for opening URLs from the command line konqueror : Web browser, file manager and document viewer

KJumpingCube is a simple tactical game. You can play it against the computer or a friend. The playing area consists of squares containing points. When the game starts each square has only one point, and no owner. Players move by clicking on either a vacant square or one of their own squares, thus increasing the squares point value by one. When a squares value reaches a maximum, the excess points a ...

Kajongg is the ancient Chinese board game for 4 players. Kajongg can be used in two different ways: Scoring a manual game where you play as always and use Kajongg for the computation of scores and for bookkeeping. Or you can use Kajongg to play against any combination of other human players or computer players.

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