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Multiple vulnerabilities have been been fixed in the Drupal content management framework, resulting in information disclosure, insufficient validation, cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery.

Genkin, Shamir and Tromer discovered that RSA key material could be extracted by using the sound generated by the computer during the decryption of some chosen ciphertexts.

Several issues have been discovered in the MySQL database server. The vulnerabilities are addressed by upgrading MySQL to the new upstream version 5.5.35

Suman Jana reported that GnuTLS, deviating from the documented behavior, considers a version 1 intermediate certificate as a CA certificate by default. The oldstable distribution is not affected by this problem as X.509 version 1 trusted CA certificates are not allowed by default.

Aaron Neyer discovered that missing input sanitising in the logging component of Ruby Actionmailer could result in denial of service through a malformed e-mail message.

openoffice.org is installed

libglu1-mesa-dev is installed

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