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Bugzilla is a popular bug tracking system used by multiple open source projects It requires a database engine installed - either MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle. Without one of these database engines , Bugzilla will not work - see the Release Notes for details.

This setting specifies to automatically detect the proxy server settings used to connect to the Internet and customize Internet Explorer.

The Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons policy setting allows you to manage whether users have the ability to allow or deny add-ons through Manage Add-ons.

The Make proxy settings per - machine (rather than per-user) setting ensures proxy settings for all users of the same computer are the same.

This policy setting prevents users from participating in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).

This policy setting prevents performance of the First Run Customize settings ability and controls what the user will see when they launch Internet Explorer for the first time after installation of Internet Explorer.

The Turn off Crash Detection policy setting allows you to manage the crash detection feature of add-on management in Internet Explorer. If you enable this policy setting, a crash in Internet Explorer will be similar to one on a computer running Windows XP.

This policy setting turns off the Security Settings Check feature, which checks Internet Explorer security settings to determine when the settings put Internet Explorer at risk.

This setting specifies the number of days that Internet Explorer keeps track of the pages viewed in the History List. The delete Browsing History option can be accessed using Tools, Internet Options and General tab.

This policy setting allows you to manage whether users receive a dialog requesting permission for active content on a CD to run. If you enable this policy setting, active content on a CD will run without a prompt.

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