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This is the last upstream maintenance release of the Samba 3.2 series. Major enhancements in 3.2.14 include: o Fix SAMR access checks . o Fix "force user" . o Improve Win7 support . o Fix posix ACLs when setting an ACL without explicit ACE for the owner .

This update fixes several issues with rpmdrake: - it fixes listing one non installed package as installed in the packages per medium view - it fixes a translation error that broke menu structure when using the swedish translation - it fixes rpmdrake now showing updates whereas MandrivaUpdate does - the graphical program list was updated and now list a couple missing packages - it also prevent ...

This bugfix update to drakx-net fixes a number of issues: - wireless passwords with "#" character were not properly handled - wireless connection settings were not preserved for different connections - when configuring Advanced Settings in draknetcenter, some variables were not written correctly . - e1000e card was added to the list of cards requiring additional delay for detecting network conne ...

This update fixes several issues regarding the live upgrade to a more recent distribution, notably: - new distributions are now only presented after all updates were applied. - if current distribution is no more supported, we will warn about it and offer to upgrade to a newer release - makes the new config tool backported from 2010.0 to work on 2009.0 too - update the authentication scheme for ME ...

Webmin shipped with Mandriva Linux 2009.0 used crypt method for password creation, which prevented usage of passwords longer than 8 character. This update configures webmin to create MD5 passwords for new users by default.

The logcheck package shipped in mandriva 2009.1 had two issues, preventing it to run properly: - its configuration directory is not readable with the identity used for running logcheck - it uses run-parts utility with unsupported --list option

This update fixes the index page css and images when in disconnected mode.

This is a maintenance and bugfix update for firefox 3.5.x: * Bug 468562 - ASSERTION: Inserting multiple children without flushing * Bug 521750 - Put a runtime NS_IsMainThread check in nsCycleCollector::Suspect2 and Forget2 * Bug 525326 - Crashes in gif decoder [@ xul.dll@0x348945][@ xul.dll@0x348864][@nsGIFDecoder2::GifWrite] * Bug 525276 - crashes [@ nsDocument::RegisterNamedItems] * Bug 524462 - ...

mplayer would crash when selecting a chapter from the DVD menu. This update prevents the crash.

The SDL12 package shipped in 2008.1 and 2009.0 have a bug which will cause segment fault error on some games such as ri-li.

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