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Adam Nowacki discovered that the new FreeBSD NFS implementation processes a crafted READDIR request which instructs to operate a file system on a file node as if it were a directory node, leading to a kernel crash or potentially arbitrary code execution. The kfreebsd-8 kernel in the oldstable distribution does not enable the new NFS implementation. The Linux kernel is not affected by this vulnera ...

Yarom and Falkner discovered that RSA secret keys could be leaked via a side channel attack, where a malicious local user could obtain private key information from another user on the system. This update fixes this issue for the 1.4 series of GnuPG. GnuPG 2.x is affected through its use of the libgcrypt11 library, a fix for which will be published in DSA 2731.

Several denial-of-service vulnerabilities were discovered in the dcraw code base, a program for procesing raw format images from digital cameras. This update corrects them in the copy that is embedded in the exactimage package.

Colin Cuthbertson and Walter Doekes discovered two vulnerabilities in the SIP processing code of Asterisk - an open source PBX and telephony toolkit -, which could result in denial of service.

A cryptographic vulnerability was discovered in the pseudo random number generator in python-crypto. In some situations, a race condition could prevent the reseeding of the generator when multiple processes are forked from the same parent. This would lead it to generate identical output on all processes, which might leak sensitive values like cryptographic keys.

Multiple security issues have been found in iceweasel, Debian"s version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser: multiple memory safety errors, and other implementation errors may lead to the execution of arbitrary code. The iceweasel version in the oldstable distribution is no longer supported with security updates.

proftpd-basic is installed

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