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This update fixes an issue with rpm: o file triggers aren"t properly invoked on package removal

A bug in pango was preventing correct location of some glyphs when scaling was in effect. This update fixes this issue and enforce version dependency on cairo, which could cause crashes when upgrading Mandriva Linux distribution to release 2010.0.

This update fixes several issues regarding the live upgrade to a more recent distribution, notably: - new distributions are now only presented after all updates were applied. - if current distribution is no more supported, we will about it and offer to upgrade to a newer release It also fix a couple crashes: - a rare crash - gracefully handle server issues

SDL_image shipped in Mandriva Linux 2010.0 contains a hidden link on libjpeg62, which is incompatible with libjpeg7 shipped in 2010.0. The hidden link will cause downstream applications such as tuxmath unable to launch. This update fixes this issue.

A bug in fontconfig language cache was generating invalid cache which would cause crashes or freeze when upgrading previous Mandriva Linux release to Mandriva Linux 2010 using live update feature. This updates fixes this issue.

With dragon player, after watching a film, the screensaver was activated even if you had disactived it. This update fixes the issue.

This update addresses minor issues with eclipse. eclipse can not be installed after firefox3 installation

This update fixes an issue which could cause mdkonline to fail when attempting to setup restricted resources.

This update resolves a missing dependency for the recent KDE4 updates.

The version of kino shipped with 2010.0 does not use the soundwrapper system to allow output to legacy OSS sound device in a friendly way . This update changes the .desktop file used to launch kino from the menus to ensure that soundwrapper is used. Additionally, this update also provides soundwrapper package in main/updates media, as it is a new dependency required by kino.

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