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Chris Evans discovered that incorrect emulation of the SPC700 audio co-processor of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System allows the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed SPC music file is opened

The update for php5 issued as DSA-3732-1 caused segfaults in php-ssh2. Updated packages are now available to correct this issue.

It was discovered that libvncserver0, a collection of libraries used to implement VNC/RFB clients and servers, incorrectly processed incoming network packets. This resulted in several heap-based buffer overflows, allowing a rogue server to either cause a DoS by crashing the client, or potentially execute arbitrary code on the client side.

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in wordpress, a web blogging tool. They would allow remote attackers to delete unintended files, mount Cross-Site Scripting attacks, or bypass redirect URL validation mechanisms.

libmwaw-tools is installed

apt: Advanced front-end for dpkg An attacker could trick APT into installing altered packages.

feedparser: Universal Feed Parser for Python Applications using feedparser could be made to crash if they fetched a specially crafted feed.

glance: OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery Service Glance could be made to delete arbitrary images.

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