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This update corrects two issues with the evdev driver Xorg. The first is that button events were not generated for mice with more than seven buttons ; the second is that the pointer did not cross screens using the evdev driver. This update corrects both issues.

Display session in Krandr-config window could hang the X server. This update fixes that bug.

On Mandriva Linux 2009.0, every time a web page was opened under Konqueror, or opened in a new tab, it showed the HTML code in an editor instead of the website. This update makes Konqueror display websites correctly instead of pure HTML code.

The kino package included in Mandriva Linux 2007.1 had an invalid symbolink link , which would prevent kino2raw from being launched. The updated package fixes this problem.

Audacity as shipped with Mandriva Linux 2008.1 was built with the libresample sample rate conversion library, but the resampling feature did not work. This updated package switches to using libsamplerate for sample rate conversion.

A bug in Evolution was preventing the adding of remote calendars, which caused the application to crash. This update provides Evolution 2.12.3 which fixes this bug and other crash bugs, as well as including translation updates.

This update fixes a crash that some users saw, which resulted in either a segfault or a strange perl error .

mandriva-release for Mandriva 2008 Spring should contain a product_branch set to Official, and not devel, otherwise it could lead to an error with the new mdkonline. The updated package fixes it.

Gnome-settings-daemon was not respecting correctly user settings when disabling the background completely. This bug has been sfixed, improvement have been made in the time needed to display background when nautilus is used by the system, additional bugfixes and translations have been integrated in this updated package.

This update provides the latest version of the JACK audio server

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