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Nicolas Braud-Santoni discovered that incorrect sanitising of character escape sequences in the Terminology terminal emulator may result in the execution of arbitrary commands.

gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad is installed

A functionally regression was discovered in some specific usage scenarios of PHPMailer following the security update of DSA-3750. New packages have been released which correct the problem. The original advisory text follows for referecen. Dawid Golunski discovered that PHPMailer, a popular library to send email from PHP applications, allowed a remote attacker to execute code if they were able to p ...

ruby-archive-tar-minitar is installed

The update for tomcat7 issued as DSA-3787-1 caused that the server could return HTTP 400 errors under certain circumstances. Updated packages are now available to correct this issue. For reference, the original advisory text follows. It was discovered that a programming error in the processing of HTTPS requests in the Apache Tomcat servlet and JSP engine may result in denial of service via an infi ...

libquicktime2 is installed

weechat-dev is installed

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