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The correct service permissions for the Remote Desktop Help Session Manager service should be assigned.

Automatic updates should be enabled or disabled as appropriate.

The 'Maximum User Renewal Lifetime' policy should be set correctly.

This policy setting controls the level of validation a computer with shared folders or printers performs on the service principal name provided by the client computer when it establishes a session using the server message block (SMB) protocol

This policy setting allows you to set the encryption types that Kerberos is allowed to use.

This policy setting determines whether a domain member should attempt to negotiate encryption for all secure channel traffic that it initiates.

This policy setting determines whether all secure channel traffic that is initiated by the domain member must be signed or encrypted.

This policy setting specifies whether the computer that is about to host the remote connection will enforce an encryption level for all data sent between it and the client computer for the remote session.

This policy setting determines whether or not users can connect to the computer using Remote Desktop Services.

Enables desktop screen savers. If you disable this setting, screen savers do not run. Also, this setting disables the Screen Saver section of the Screen Saver dialog in the Personalization or Display Control Panel. As a result, users cannot change the screen saver options. If you do not configure it, this setting has no effect on the system. If you enable it, a screen saver runs, provided the f ...

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