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Several vulnerabilities were discovered in Imagemagick, a program suite for image manipulation. This update fixes a large number of potential security problems such as null-pointer access and buffer-overflows that might lead to memory leaks or denial of service. Any of these security problems have a CVE number assigned.

atheme-services is installed

Two regressions were introduced by the samba update in DSA-3816-1. Updated packages are now available to address these problems. Additionally a regression from DSA-3548-1 causing `net ads join` to freeze when run a second time is fixed along with this update. For reference, the original advisory text follows. Jann Horn of Google discovered a time-of-check, time-of-use race condition in Samba, a SM ...

libzookeeper-mt-dev is installed

lib64expat1 is installed

libgcrypt11 is installed

libcamel-1.2-40 is installed

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