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Two vulnerabilities were discovered in mbedtls, a lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library which could result in plain text recovery via side-channel attacks.

Multiple security issues have been found in Thunderbird: Multiple memory safety errors and use-after-frees may lead to the execution of arbitrary code or denial of service. Debian follows the Thunderbird upstream releases. Support for the 52.x series has ended, so starting with this update we"re now following the 60.x releases. Between 52.x and 60.x, Thunderbird has undergone significant internal ...

Tavis Ormandy discovered multiple vulnerabilites in Ghostscript, an interpreter for the PostScript language, which could result in the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed Postscript file is processed .

Several heap buffer overflows were found in discount, an implementation of the Markdown markup language, that could be triggered witth specially crafted Markdown data and would cause discount to read past the end of internal buffers.

In Kamailio before 5.0.7 and 5.1.x before 5.1.4, a crafted SIP message with an invalid Via header causes a segmentation fault and crashes Kamailio. The reason is missing input validation in the crcitt_string_array core function for calculating a CRC hash for To tags. (An additional error is present in the check_via_address core function: this function also misses input validation.) This could resu ...

Henning Westerholt discovered a flaw related to the Via header processing in kamailio, a very fast, dynamic and configurable SIP server. An unauthenticated attacker can take advantage of this flaw to mount a denial of service attack via a specially crafted SIP message with an invalid Via header.

An issue was discovered in mgetty before 1.2.1. In fax/faxq-helper.c, the function do_activate() does not properly sanitize shell metacharacters to prevent command injection. It is possible to use the ||, &&, or > characters within a file created by the "faxq-helper activate <jobid>" command.

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