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The Yii2-StateMachine extension v2.x.x for Yii2 has XSS.

The on_get_missing_events function in handlers/federation.py in Matrix Synapse before 0.31.1 has a security bug in the get_missing_events federation API where event visibility rules were not applied correctly.

A use-after-free vulnerability exists in DOMProxyHandler::EnsureExpandoObject in Pale Moon before 27.9.3.

portfolioCMS 1.0.5 allows upload of arbitrary .php files via the admin/portfolio.php?newpage=true URI.

Exiv2 0.26 has integer overflows in LoaderTiff::getData() in preview.cpp, leading to an out-of-bounds read in Exiv2::ValueType::setDataArea in value.hpp.

Exiv2 0.26 has an integer overflow in the LoaderExifJpeg class in preview.cpp, leading to an out-of-bounds read in Exiv2::MemIo::read in basicio.cpp.

system\errors\404.php in HongCMS 3.0.0 has XSS via crafted input that triggers a 404 HTTP status code.

acccheck.pl in acccheck 0.2.1 allows Command Injection via shell metacharacters in a username or password file, as demonstrated by injection into an smbclient command line.

A vulnerability in open build service allows remote attackers to upload arbitrary RPM files. Affected releases are SUSE open build service prior to 2.1.16.

Crafted CSS in an RSS feed can leak and reveal local path strings, which may contain user name. This vulnerability affects Thunderbird < 52.5.2.

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