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Invoxia NVX220 devices allow access to /bin/sh via escape from a restricted CLI, leading to disclosure of password hashes.

Vivotek FD8136 devices allow Remote Command Injection, aka "another command injection vulnerability in our target device," a different issue than CVE-2018-14494.

Vivotek FD8136 devices allow remote memory corruption and remote code execution because of a stack-based buffer overflow, related to sprintf, vlocal_buff_4326, and set_getparam.cgi.

Vivotek FD8136 devices allow Remote Command Injection, related to BusyBox and wget.

An issue was discovered in Eventum 3.5.0. CSRF in htdocs/manage/users.php allows creating another user with admin privileges.

An issue was discovered in Eventum 3.5.0. htdocs/switch.php has XSS via the current_page parameter.

An issue was discovered in Open Ticket Request System (OTRS) 6.0.x through 6.0.7. A carefully constructed email could be used to inject and execute arbitrary stylesheet or JavaScript code in a logged in customer's browser in the context of the OTRS customer panel application.

An issue was discovered in FasterXML jackson-databind 2.0.0 through 2.9.5. Use of Jackson default typing along with a gadget class from iBatis allows exfiltration of content. Fixed in,, and 2.9.6.

main/streams/xp_socket.c in PHP 7.x before 2017-03-07 misparses fsockopen calls, such as by interpreting fsockopen('', 443) as if the address/port were, which is later truncated to This behavior has a security risk if the explicitly provided port number (i.e., 443 in this example) is hardcoded into an application as a security policy, but the hostname arg ...

paypal/adaptivepayments-sdk-php v3.9.2 is vulnerable to a reflected XSS in the SetPaymentOptions.php resulting code execution

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