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The host is missing an important security update according to MS advisory ADV180022.

The Linux kernel, versions 3.9+, is vulnerable to a denial of service attack with low rates of specially modified packets targeting IP fragment re-assembly. An attacker may cause a denial of service condition by sending specially crafted IP fragments. Various vulnerabilities in IP fragmentation have been discovered and fixed over the years. The current vulnerability (CVE-2018-5391) became exploita ...

Microsoft is aware of a denial of service vulnerability (named "FragmentSmack" CVE-2018-5391) affecting Windows systems. An attacker could send many 8-byte sized IP fragments with random starting offsets, but withhold the last fragment and exploit the worst-case complexity of linked lists in reassembling IP fragments. A system under attack would become unresponsive with 100% CPU utilization but wo ...

Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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