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WordPress before 5.2.3 allows XSS in stored comments.

Libra Core before 2019-09-03 has an erroneous regular expression for inline comments, which makes it easier for attackers to interfere with code auditing by using a nonstandard line-break character for a comment. For example, a Move module author can enter the // sequence (which introduces a single-line comment), followed by very brief comment text, the \r character, and code that has security-cri ...

MISP before 2.4.115 allows privilege escalation in certain situations. After updating to 2.4.115, escalation attempts are blocked by the __checkLoggedActions function with a "This could be an indication of an attempted privilege escalation on older vulnerable versions of MISP (<2.4.115)" message.

An issue was discovered in Plataformatec Devise before 4.7.1. It confirms accounts upon receiving a request with a blank confirmation_token, if a database record has a blank value in the confirmation_token column. (However, there is no scenario within Devise itself in which such database records would exist.)

The driver in Micro-Star MSI Afterburner (aka RTCore64.sys and RTCore32.sys) allows any authenticated user to read and write to arbitrary memory, I/O ports, and MSRs. This can be exploited for privilege escalation, code execution under high privileges, and information disclosure. These signed drivers can also be used to bypass the Microsoft driver-signing policy to deploy malicious cod ...

OpenSC before 0.20.0-rc1 has an out-of-bounds access of an ASN.1 Bitstring in decode_bit_string in libopensc/asn1.c.

OpenSC before 0.20.0-rc1 has an out-of-bounds access of an ASN.1 Octet string in asn1_decode_entry in libopensc/asn1.c.

The pad management logic in XWiki labs CryptPad before 3.0.0 allows a remote attacker (who has access to a Rich Text pad with editing rights for the URL) to corrupt it (i.e., cause data loss) via a trivial URL modification.

The Webwork action Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection implementation in Jira before version 8.4.0 allows remote attackers to bypass its protection via "cookie tossing" a CSRF cookie from a subdomain of a Jira instance.

The AccessLogFilter class in Jira before version 8.4.0 allows remote anonymous attackers to learn details about other users, including their username, via an information expose through caching vulnerability when Jira is configured with a reverse Proxy and or a load balancer with caching or a CDN.

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